The Latest Documents on Transition and Post Conflict Reconstruction


This section of the website concentrates on the latest publications, papers, and articles on transition and post conflict reconstruction.


A Gender Perspective for Conflict Management

Engendering Peace in Africa: A Critical Inquiry Into Some Current Thinking on the Role of African Women in Peace-building

Peace building and Transformation from below: Indigenous Approaches to Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation among the Pastoral Societies in the Borderlands of Eastern Africa.

Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation

Reconstruction and Reconciliation: Emerging from transition

The Clingendael Institute

Building Peace in War-Torn Societies: From Concept to Strategy

Reframing Post-Conflict Rehabilitation; Beyond Clichés from the Past

Women's Roles in Conflict Prevention, Conflict Resolution and Post-Conflict Reconstruction: Literature Review and Institutional Analysis

Department for International Development

Post conflict impact assessment

International Center for Research on Women

After the Peace: Women in Post-Conflict Reconstruction


The Transition from War to Peace: An Overview

John Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)

Promoting democratic governance and preventing the recurrence of conflict: the role of the United Nations Development Programme in post conflict peace-building

Journal of Humanitarian Assistance

The role of African regional and sub-regional organisations in conflict prevention and resolution

Plymouth International Studies Centre

Post-Conflict Rehabilitation: The Humanitarian Dimension


From Relief to Development: UNDP/BCPR Transitional Recovery Programme in Mozambique

Aid management during post-conflict reconstruction: lessons from international experience

Preparing for Afghanistan's reconstruction

Refugee return and state reconstruction: a comparative analysis

No solution in sight: the problem of protracted refugee situations in Africa

Land policy in post-conflict circumstances: some lessons from East Timor

Mind the Gap! UNHCR, humanitarian assistance and the development process


United Nations Involvement in Post-Conflict Reconstruction Efforts: New and Continuing Challenges in the Case of East Timor

UNU-World Institute for Development Economics Research

Building New States: Lessons from Eritrea

Privatization and Economic Strategy in Mozambique

The Fiscal Dimensions of Ethiopia's Transition and Reconstruction

Angola's Incomplete Transition

Displaced Communities and the Reconstruction of Livelihoods in Eritrea

Reconstruction from War in Africa: Communities, Entrepreneurs, and States

From Conflict to Reconstruction

The Agrarian Question in Mozambique's Transition and Reconstruction


The Role Of Transition Assistance:  The Case of East Timor

The Role Of Transition Assistance: The Case of Indonesia

World Bank

Aid, Policy and Growth in Post-Conflict Societies

Conflict Prevention and Post-Conflict Reconstruction: Perspectives and Prospects

From Reconstruction to Reconciliation: The Nature of War Determines the Nature of Peace

Aid Coordination and Post-Conflict Reconstruction: The West Bank and Gaza Experience

Post-Conflict Reconstruction: Bosnia - Herzegovina

Rebuilding the Civil Service in a Post-Conflict Setting: Key Issues and Lessons of Experience

The Structure of Rebel Organizations Implications for Post-Conflict Reconstruction

Transition from War to Peace in Sub-Saharan Africa

The Nexus Between Economic Management and Civil Society in Countries Emerging from War in Southern Africa

Post-Conflict Recovery in Africa: An Agenda for the Africa Region

Post-Conflict Reconstruction: The Role of the World Bank



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